We are always on the look-out for students who are passionate about the law and keen to build the best disputes resolution firm in the country. Please note the questions below carefully before proceeding with your application.

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How do I apply for an internship?
Please click on the link above to apply for an internship with our firm.


What would be my role?
During your internship with us, your assignments will relate almost exclusively to litigation and arbitration practice.

The firm provides specialist civil dispute resolution and litigation services to its clients, in trial courts, appellate courts, writ proceedings, consumer matters and arbitral tribunals. The tasks typically assigned to interns include research, drafting, assistance with filing and conferences in ongoing matters, including attendance for observing court proceedings in the matters on which you have worked.


When can I apply for an internship?
Please apply at least two months in advance of the proposed start date of your internship.

For eg: For an internship commencing on 1st August 2022, please apply latest by the first of June 2022. 


How do I know/ track my application status?
We will update you on the status of your application based on your internship application date and subject to availability of slots.

We do not have a dedicated HR team to handle internships and all applications are carefully reviewed and then decided by associates themselves. Please be considerate of this and do not send repeated reminders as we endeavour to respond to each application 3 to 4 weeks before the internship period commences. Do not call or directly contact associates on the status of your applications.

We will certainly notify you on your application status. However, given the volume of applications we receive and the size of the team, it is not logistically possible for us to provide feedback on all unsuccessful applications.


How is my application assessed?
We decide all internship applications based on merit and not merely on whether vacancies are available.

If your application would have been accepted but for a lack of vacancies, you will be specifically informed of this and asked to reapply at a later date of your choice.


Are interns paid a stipend?
For all physical internships (three weeks and above), a modest stipend is usually paid. An increased stipend is paid to those starting/in their final year of study. For further details, you may refer to the internship policy for the office where you apply, which will be provided to you after selection, as stipend policies may vary slightly from office to office. 


Note to applicants/ Application Tips:

  • We place great emphasis on CVs (preferably not exceeding three pages) and qualitative responses to our Application Form. 
  • Concise yet clear demonstration of content interest will be assessed while also presenting all relevant information.
  • It does help to know some specifics of a candidate’s prior experience. A mere bullet point list of what internships or moots a candidate has done is not helpful in assessing an application.
  • Candidates applying through college recruitment committees will also be required to upload their information in the requisite format in the Application Form.
  • We generally prefer interns from the 4th and 5th year of law school, or the 3rd year of a three year law-degree, as we would be able to assess them better for potential recruitment.
  • We encourage candidates to choose one city instead of applying for all offices as a matter of course. The practice of litigation in each city is different, and we would recommend that a candidate make an informed choice prior to sending an application.